SOE Terms of Service and Conditions

Booking:  All bookings are considered "work-for-hire".  Booking can be done in full 1-hour blocks of time, or partial blocks of time over 1 hour, but cannot be less than 1 hour, unless prior arrangements have been made with staff directly.  Any time booked and paid for in advance is fully refundable up until 7 days before your scheduled pick up time.  For example, if your scheduled pick up time is Saturday at 3PM, you can obtain a full refund up if you cancel your booking the Saturday of the prior week, before 3PM.


Payments:  You may pay for services required using a major credit card or PayPal on our website (please do not send us direct PayPal payments, as it will delay the setup of your booking), or you may pay by major credit card in person at the time services are provided (the driver will swipe your card through our credit card processor, so you will need to have your credit card handy).  We do accept cash payments, but prefer not to do so, since carrying significant amounts of cash comes at risk to the personal safety of our drivers.  If you pay online, you will receive a receipt by e-mail to the e-mail address you provide.  If you pay in person using a credit card, the driver will issue a receipt to your cell phone via text message (or to your e-mail address if you prefer).  Cash payments will also be provided with a receipt either to your cell phone (by text message) or to your e-mail address.  A deposit may be required depending on the package you book on our website, or if you book a certain number of hours without paying in advance.  This will be at the sole discretion of


Express Agreement and Billing Authorization:  At the conclusion of your online payment, you will be provided with a billing authorization and release form you will need to fill out and sign and return to your driver upon pickup.  If you do not book online, and make payment in person, the driver will provide you with this form in person to be filled out at the time our limousine services services are provided.  This document will outline our obligation to you, as well as your obligation to us.  You agree that you will not "chargeback" or otherwise "reverse" any charges to your credit card (or PayPal if you paid via PayPal) for any reason due to the nature of services you will be receiving (non-tangible).  Further to this,  you agree that by using this website, and/or making payments on this website or to one of our drivers in person, that you are in agreement with the terms listed on this page, and within the Billing Authorization and Release Form between you and, which is identical to the terms listed here.

You expressly agree to be bound by the terms listed on this page and within our contract, irrespective of whether you sign the form or not, once your payment has been processed.  We will hold you harmless from any injuries our driver may sustain while transporting you to or from your destination(s), and likewise, you will hold us harmless from any injuries you or your guests may sustain in the unfortunate event of any accident or otherwise while you are being transported to or from your destination(s) by any of our drivers.  Our drivers are trained professionals, and while the likelihood of you being involved in an accident while being transported to or from your destination(s) by our drivers is very low, we cannot control other drivers on the road who do not follow traffic regulations.  You also agree to hold us harmless all the same if you are having us transport your guests, but aren't accompanying your guests (for example, parents paying for teenagers, or children).

You expressly agree that if any equipment is broken or damaged in the vehicle, you will be held liable for paying up to $500 per incident, for any equipment that has been damaged or broken.

You expressly agree that if you break or damage any glassware in the vehicle, you agree to pay up $25, per damaged or broken item of glassware (i.e. 5 glasses broken means you will be liable to pay $125 to cover the expense of replacing said glassware).

You expressly agree that if you are "sick" in the vehicle ("sick" is defined as vomiting, urinating, or excrement which otherwise causes the vehicle to have to be detailed by a professional), you will be liable for a $200 detailing fee that will be charged to your method of payment at the conclusion of your booking.


Cancellations and Refunds:  As mentioned above, you can cancel your booking at anytime up until 7 days before your pickup time and receive a full refund.  Any cancellation that occurs after this time-frame will receive a partial refund.  To prevent scheduling conflicts, will book your time and block that time out specifically for you so that another client is unable to book the same time-frame.  Therefore, if your cancellation occurs after the 7 day period stated herein, you will receive a partial refund.  A partial refund will be an otherwise full refund less a Cancellation Fee charged by  Our Cancellation Fee will be in the amount of 35% of your deposit, or $150, whichever is greater.  So for example, if you book a package that includes 6 hours at $90/hr ($540), then your refund would be $540 - $189 (35% Cancellation Fee); in conclusion, the total refund amount you'd receive would be $351.

The Cancellation Fee will be $250 or 50% (whichever amount is higher) if you are within 2 days of your scheduled pickup time.  This means (using the same aforementioned example) if you call to cancel your pickup, within 2 days of your scheduled pickup time, you refund amount would be considered as follows: $540 - $270 (50% Cancellation Fee), which means you'd receive a total refund of $270.

Our Cancellation Fee and Refund Policy applies irrespective of your booking period.  So for example, if you book us on Monday, and your pickup time is on the following Friday, and you call us on that Tuesday to cancel you'd receive a partial refund, which would consist of your full refund amount, less the 35% Cancellation Fee (since you'd be in the 7 day window).  If you called to cancel that Thursday for example, you'd instead receive a full refund, less the 50% Cancellation Fee (since you'd be within the 2 day window).

Refunds are processed using the same method of payment you provided to make your deposit, or book your service with us.  If you paid by PayPal, you'll be refunded by PayPal.  If you paid by Credit Card, you'll be refunded by credit card. reserves the right to process a refund using a different method of payment.  So for example, you may receive a refund by PayPal if you paid with cash for example.  While, we will make an attempt to accommodate you as a client where possible, this will be done at the sole discretion of

Please note that this cancellation and refund policy applies to deposits as well.

Special Note: During "Prom Season" (defined as the period between April 1st and July 31st), refunds are not issued under *any* circumstances whatsoever, and the above mentioned Refund Policy does not apply during the aforementioned "Prom Season" time-frame.


You can Download the Billing Authorization and Release Form here.

This terms and conditions page was last updated on April 30th, 2015.


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